Practice Areas


Whether you are a Wall Street Firm looking for a finger on the pulse of Capitol Hill or a party to an accident investigation seeking advice on the process, Seward Square Group is well positioned to meet your needs. Our team brings a wealth of substantive knowledge on cutting edge legislative developments as well as a deep understanding of the regulatory and investigative processes. Our blend of experience and extensive network make us a unique resource for anyone seeking the most up-to-date information and analysis regarding developments affecting their clients. In addition to providing guidance to clients during Agency investigations and litigation, we have consulted clients on a broad range of topics including:

Energy & the Environment

  • Implications of climate change legislation for electric utilities;
  • Industrial fuel users, and fossil fuel producers;
  • Energy supply and demand forecasting;
  • Cap and trade legislation;
  • Alternative fuels;
  • Coordinated electric utility system planning for coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables and conservation;
  • Site selection and impact assessment for new energy facilities; and
  • Federal funding for technology development and deployment.


  • Aviation Safety and Security;
  • Rail competition;
  • MAP-21 reauthorization;
  • Federal and state highway spending;
  • The stimulus package; and
  • Multi-modal planning for energy transportation systems.