Seward Square Launches

Seward Square Group has officially launched as a Washington government relations shop, specializing in legislative, regulatory, corporate and international affairs.

Named for William Seward, the former New York governor and senator who was secretary of state under President Abraham Lincoln, the new firm seeks to make its own name through a philosophy of political diversity and rigorous scrutiny, reflecting the spirit of Lincoln’s Cabinet.

Seward Square’s principals are a bipartisan lot. For instance: Of counsel Jim Hall was chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board in the Clinton administration. Managing partner James Pericola was Hall’s special assistant. And partner Ali Amirhooshmand, most recently a senior vice president at Cassidy & Associates, had spent a decade working for congressional Republicans.

“What I think makes us different is that we are partners all,” Pericola told Suite Talk. “Some of us really disagree on things, but in the end, it ends up being the best strategy for the client.”

(From, Nov. 19, 2009)