Welcome to Seward Square Group

Seward Square Group is a government relations and consulting firm built on the principles of Former Secretary of State and Governor of New York William H. Seward, with an eye towards bipartisan solutions and international cooperation, and the vision to achieve historic opportunities.

Consisting entirely of principals, Seward Square Group has recruited an outstanding bipartisan team of government and public affairs professionals with over 100 years experience inside the Beltway. The result is an unparalleled understanding of the political climate and an ability to expertly navigate the political consequences of actions or positions impacting clients.

Unlike larger government relations firms, our “principals only” philosophy enables us to provide the highest level of government and media relations counseling to clients while providing the most value for our clients’ resources. Moreover, our model ensures that all client matters will be addressed by an experienced consultant rather than relegated to an entry level associate or staffer. Our comprehensive approach to government affairs coupled with individualized strategy offers clients a distinct perspective and creative counsel.

In The News

For Families' Sake, Global Aviation Community Must Create Disaster Plans

The recent mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is headed towards tragedy on countless levels. It is tragic in the number of lives lost and in the rippling waves of emotional and psychological damage that has been — and will continue to be — inflicted upon the family members and loved ones of the passengers aboard Flight 370.

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